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Mining Cables (AS_NZS Standard)
AS/NZS 1972:2006 Cables
Type 2S 1.1/1.1KV & 3.3/3.3KV Collectively Screened

These collectively copper screened cables are used for wiring of machines or between machines and equipment wherea rubber cable is desired. These cables are also used for longwall lighting circuits, and may contain pilot and controlcores or twisted pair and screened cores.
AS/NZS 1972:2006
AS/NZS 1125
AS/NZS 3808
Conductors: Stranded tinned annealed copper conductor.
Insulation: EPR.
Filling: Elastomer centre filler.
Bedding: Polyester tape.
Composite Screen (earth conductor): Tinned annealed copper braiding interwove with polyester yarn.
Sheath: Heavy duty CPE sheath

Type 2S 1.1/1.1KV & 3.3/3.3KV Collectively Screened

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