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Mining cables(VDE Standard)
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(N)TSCGECWOEU Medium-Voltage Trailing Cable
These cables are used for the connection of electrical equipment, in minesand underground excavations with hazardousenvironments under particularly high mechanical loads,e.g. high-voltage transformers on power lines inunderground mining and tunnelling.
Based on VDE 0250 Part 813
Conductors: Flexible stranded copper conductor, class 5 according to DIN VDE 0295.
Inner Conductor Layer: Special rubber compound, conductive.
Insulation: Rubber type 3GI3.
Outer Conductor Layer:Special rubber compound, conductive, easy strippable.
Pilot Cores (optional):Tinned copper conductor with EPR insulation.
Earth Conductor: Spiral of tinnedcopper wires.
InnerSheath: Rubber type GM1b.
Monitoring Shield/Armour:Braided armour of combined copper-steel wires; or wrap of copper andsteel wires, copper tape in opposite direction, reinforcing tape.
Outer Sheath: Rubber type 5GM5.

(N)TSCGECWOEU Medium-Voltage Trailing Cable

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