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Mining cables(VDE Standard)
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(N)TSCGEWOEU Medium-Voltage Reeling Cable Without Fibre Optics
These cables are used for connection of large mobile equipment such asexcavators and spreaders, loading bridges, gantrycranes, construction machines, etc., under very highmechanical loads, in dry or damp environment, also inenvironments with high explosion risk.
Based on VDE 0250 Part 813
Conductors: Flexible strandedcopper conductor, class 5 according to DIN VDE 0295.
Inner Conductor Layer: Semiconductive layer.
Insulation: EPR type 3GI3.
Outer Conductor Layer:Semiconductive layer.
Earth Conductor: Incorporatedas a fourth core or distributed within the outer interstices.
InnerSheath: Rubber type GM1b/5GM3.
Reinforcement:Polyester anti-torsion braid.
Outer Sheath: Chlorinatedrubber type 5GM3/5GM5, flame retardant and oil resistant.

(N)TSCGEWOEU Medium-Voltage Reeling Cable Without Fibre Optics

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