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Mining Cables (ICEA & CSA Standard)
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Mining Cables (AS_NZS Standard)
AS/NZS 1802:2003 Reeling & Trailing Cables
AS/NZS 2802:2000 Reeling & Trailing Cables
AS/NZS 1972:2006 Cables

Mining cables(VDE Standard)
Cables for Underground Mining
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Mining cables(VDE Standard)
Cables for Underground Mining
NSHTOEU 0.6/1kV LHD Cables
These cables are used for frequently changing dynamic loads, such as reeling cables for scoops (LHDs) in underground mines, suitable for mono-spiral reels and cylindrical reels.
VDE 0250 Part 814
Conductors: Flexible stranded tinned copper conductor.
Insulation: EPR type 3GI3.
Support Element: Central steel support element.
Inner Sheath: PCP type 5GM5.
Anti-torsion Braid:Reinforced braid of polyester threads in a vulcanized bond between inner and outer sheath.
Outer Sheath: PCP type 5GM5.

NSHTOEU 0.6/1kV LHD Cables

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