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NTSKCGERLOEU Medium-Voltage Coal Cutter Cable
These cables are used for the connection of mobile electrical equipment inunderground mines, e.g. for coal-cutting machines,especially for the use in bretby chains with extremebending loads under low tensile stress.
VDE 0250 Part 813
Conductors: Flexible stranded tinned copper conductor.
Insulation: Heatresistant3GI3 rubber based on EPR.
Outer Conductor Layer (for 3.6/6kV): Easy strippable outer conductive layer.
Pilot Cores:Copper/steel conductor capable ofexpansion and compression with EPRrubber insulation.
Earth Conductor: Spiral of tinnedcopper wires and a conductive tape.
InnerSheath: 2 layer design, semi conductive rubber + Rubber type 5GM5.
Armour: Spiral of steel wires,embedded in the outer sheath, fiberglas tape which preventssheath exchanging.
Outer Sheath: Rubber type 5GM5, abrasion and tear resistant, oil resistant and flame retardant.

NTSKCGERLOEU Medium-Voltage Coal Cutter Cable

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